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POLB81 - Tutorial 4 Notes

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Political Science
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Wiafe- Amaoko

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POLB81 GLOBAL ISSUES AND GOVERNANCE Part II: International Cooperation Week 4: International Organizations (Feb 8) Readings: Mearsheimer’s “The False Promise of International Institutions.”; Bolton’s “Should We Take Global Governance Seriously?” Midterm: Definitions: concept + significance/how it relates to broader themes in course/link to readings and inclu. Author or main theorist) + example. choose 5/10 – from textbook and lectures short answer/essay (3-4 pages) – questions related to tutorials ex. mercantilism – changes in int’l structure of trade in Krasner’s readings.. ex. Krasner + Gilpin ex. What did _(author/theorist)__ argue/talk about? Hint: Krasner + mearsheimer Bolton’s -- americanist vs. Mearsheimer - Great scholar - In great controversy - Argues that American foreign policy shaped and driven by pro-Israeli lobby (very controversial); they said this lobby lead U.S. into Iraq - American national interest structured to be same as Israeli national interest What is the context? - 1994/1995 - Post-CW; end of CW was around 1989-91 - America emerged as superpower after CW - Talked about Bill Clinton and politicians that wanted to extend NATO to eastern Europe to maintain international stability; U.S. debate on international institutions Mearsheimer’s goal in this article: - Do int’l institutions promote peace? o Ex. NATO, EU, UN, AU, ASEAN, MERCOSU? o Identifies two approaches/answers to this question:  Realist – NO (M is a realist)  Institutionalist – YES; M says there are 3 types:  Liberal-institutionalism  Collective security  Critical theory (Bias in syllabus t
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