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POLB81 - Tutorial 10 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Wiafe- Amaoko

POLB81 GLOBAL ISSUES AND GOVERNANCE Part IV: Future of International Politics Week 10 March 28 Readings: Fukuyama 1) Francis Fukuyama (1989) Context: end of the cold war, rise of u.s. hegemony Central argument: 1990s = “end of history” ; what does that mean? How does he define humanity’s end of history? – triumph of the West and western values like democracy and liberalism, capitalism (in realm of ideas, that there is no alternatives, that it is predominant or thought as the best method and not that these values will be seen everywhere) - in contrast to Marx’s thought of end is socialism *key ideas, not material reality (like money, property, etc.) Evidence/approach he takes - he says no ideological competitor to western ideas - he goes through 4 alternatives and other ideas (sometimes competing) to western ideas: fascism, communism, religion, nationalism 1. Fascism - saw liberalism as weak - militant/excessive nationalism - economic -> state guides economy toward nationalist ends - Mussolini Italy, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan - defeated in WWII (bloody death through wars) 2. Communism (Marxist, Leninist) - beginning of collapse of Soviet Union (which is still premature but sees a decline) - big reforms in the largest communist states (China, SV) taking on capitalist reforms in economy - in the west, see rise of right-wing free-market parties and against unions and gov intervention - Reagon from 82-89, Mulroney was in power - growing industrialization in young developing states, S. Korea *these events did not
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