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Political Science
R Rice

POLB90 – Tuesday September 21, 2010 - Lecture 2 a) Development: anatomy of a term b) Classical political economy and England’s “improvement” c) Industrial revolution and colonialism  What is Development? o Imp to distinguish between the three points  Who/What develops? o Global development o Individual countries o People centric  You can compare policies, people etc  Other qualities of life  The term development is a meta-narrative o A vision of the long term direction of history o A philosophical construct, an idea that there is motion  Modernization is a meta-narrative of development  Modernity is about improvement  Modern vs. Traditional o Development,modernization, progress  Transition between the two  Aspects of development o Examined from many angles o Economic dev  Measureds by the expansion of economic activity  Poverty is measured by household incomes  Problems?  Ignore the gap b/w rich and poor  Income is not reflective of buying power  People don’t measure their wealth by how much/little they participate w/i the market o Social development  Frustration with p/capita income as a measure of dev  “Income is only to aspire to things that make us fully human”  Incl social welfare into development  HDI  Employment/Unemployment o Sustainable Development  Environmental issues in the 80’s, 90’s  Natural resource extraction  This term has not maintained th
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