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Political Science
R Rice

LECTURE 2Understanding UnderdevelopmentI The Third World DefinedII Causes of UnderdevelopmentIII Theories of DevelopmentSecond World Bloc of former communist nationssoviet union and E Europe I The Third World Defineda Neutral meaningb Revolutionary meaningrdEg Frances 3 estate or Roman classes Implication common identity organization framework for countries of the developing world c Negative meaningPoverty and backward Global south Less developed countries Emerging economiesarea business Developing countries Political Characteristics of the Third WorldShared colonial history that still shapes their development a Socio economic commonalities Low level of industrializationagriculture low life expectancy low literacy larger rural sector primary goods export poverty b Political commonality Politics and government are shaped by scarcity inequality and a weak position in the international systemOften have to resort to repression to curb demands they cant handle c The political legitimacy of many states is very weakFavor elites certain religions etc d the power of governments is often very limitedTo capital areas and urban areas Informal politics Bolivia before decentralization 50 didnt have ID cards II Causes of Underdevelopmenta Values of Leaders and CitizensValues of leaders and citizens may facilitate or impede progress oRoles of east asia oCultural values b Natural Resources and Natural DisastersAbundance of resources enables west to develop faster
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