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Lecture 8

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Political Science
R Rice

Lecture 8 Sustainable developments I. Sustainable development defined -An issue vote of use of non-renewable resources types and amount of waste produced. Rachel Casan (1969)”Silent spring” In second ride DDT DDT- Bugs – Birds – eggshells (food chain) -Environmentalism of the 1970s and 1980s Environment as economic growth Earns First! “Monkey wrench groups” -Environmentalism of the 1990s Environment of growth -Sustainable development that meets the needs of the without compromise the ability of future generation to meet their own needs Key Features - Focuses on how to sustained and broad proves of positive change called development - Employs the idea of “meeting needs” to emphasize the legitimate claim of the worlds. - Makes the idea of environmental limits as a potentially serves obstacles to continue advanced. It is about selecting, patterns of program a social development that are compatible, the social environmental practice. Criticism - Environmentalist say: Rather than human development we should be more concern with sustainable development - Development Activists say: could attempt to impose a northern environmental agenda on the south. Mainstream view - Sustainable development that better resource manageable y market mechanism Policy Prescriptions - Promotes of effect at less polluting industry the technological fuels - Include the cost of pollution in product policies. - Imposing taxes on emission and waste. - Emission trade - Debt for natural/equity swaps - International agreements to reduce polluting product. II. Views of Sustainable development Kyoto process – emission of greenhouse gas by 5% 2012, lower than 1990. 2001 2% Alternative/human rights view: Sustainable development can be achieves through local, participating processes of environmental management.(self
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