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Lecture 5

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LECTURE 5: From Modernization to Dependency Theory I. Assumptions II. Prescriptions for Change III. Contributions and Criticisms IV. Development + Globalization = Imperialism? _______________________________________________________________________ _ I. Modernization Theory rd · Dominate theory to try to understand the origins of poverty/why 3 world countries aren’t succeeding · Developed at the height of the Cold War era I. Assumptions: 1. underdevelopment is the result of some sort of deficiency on the part of a poor country 2. traditional values, institutions and ways of life are obstacles to modernization and de- velopment 3. Western societies serve as the yardstick for measuring modernization and development 4. to become developed countries must pass through a series of progressive stages from tradition to modernity · Atraditional society is characterized as a poor, subsistence life without hope of accumulation, income or wealth and there is no attempt to better ones lot in life · Modern society is characterized as forward-looking, committed to growth and improvement. Based on competition and the laws of the marketplace that reward success II. Prescriptions for Change - Reject traditional values in favour of western values - Follow the course charted by the west; learn from mistakes - Strengthen ties with the developed world - policy change in the south - continued economic growth in the North (our job) III. Contributions and Criticisms Contributions: - concerned with global poverty and seek solution - optimism concrete solutions options - empirically testable - Criticisms: - no acknowledgment of colonial legacies - assumption that the global system is a level playing field is false - Naive to assume that all countries can follow the exact same path II. Dependency Theory I. Assumptions: 1. underdevelopment is a process, not a condition 2. Third World poverty is a product of First World prosperity 3. International and historical factors are key to understanding underdevelopment 4. The world capita
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