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polb90 lecture 1

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Political Science
R Rice

POLB90Lecture 1Tutorials begin sept 27thThe era of development Post 1950Industrial revolution effort to build after warThe Marshall Plan 1947the primary plan of the united states for rebuilding Europe and repelling communism after WW13 bullion EuropeJapanEnjoyed growthWorked in Europe and was taken to global southTruman in 1949 global south to alleviate poverty23 became underdevelopedWest was incharged and saving the world they needed themDevelopment DefinedMy definition of development eliminate poverty scam the 3rd world west is the best power destruction of culture and traditional ways of livingON THE COURSE OUTLINEA mainstream conventional viewimplication developmentwesternizationWhen era of development startedConcerned with economic growthDevelopment of political institutions westernizationhow can they become like us because we are developed give them the plancapital income used to devide the countriesCan you be developed if you are not westernizedB alternative Human rights viewSatisfaction and human needs low levels of material poverty unemployment relative equality democratization of political life Amartya Sentrue national indipendence literacy and education level environment E mainstream didnt include other important aspects Poverty as capabilities sustainability human security
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