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Lecture 3

Week 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
R Rice

Week 3 Lecture Notes 9272011 70400 AM Motives for Colonialism Gold God GloryThe political control of peoples and territories by foreign states Colonialismsometimes accompanied by permanent settlementy Cecil Rhodes 1890colonial activistraw materials cheap labour and new markets 1 Economic Motives Gold colonies were seen as a business and the aim of the colonizers was to produce as a profit Colonies provided food resources minerals and human labour 2 God and Cultural Motives The desire to spread the Christian faith was part of the colonizing drive Language culture and religion were gifts from the colonizers 3 Glory Prestige Motive Colonies stood as symbols of greatness for a mother country Ie Malvinas Islands Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina still belongs to England4 Strategic Motives some colonies were used to protect the mother countrys investments and borders 5 Surplus Population Motive Other colonies served as outlets for a mother countrys surplus and undesirable population Isbisters Argument Natural evolution of powerThe Legacies of Colonialism a Poverty and Underdevelopment due to the loss of natural resources and the creation of economic dependency ie crops infrastructure and transportation generally served Europes interestsb Loss of Language and Culture due to the introduction of western education and the Christian religion both undermine the indigenous way of life internal colonialismwhen one feels inferior due to their culture being less recognizedimportant as western culture c Death Displacement of People due to the slave trade as the hands of European weapons and diseases d Inequality due to unequal access to land and employment as a result of racism and discrimination Race and class intertwined e Conflict due to the artificial drawing of state boundaries
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