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Lecture 4

Week 4

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Political Science
R Rice

Week 4 Lecture Notes 1042011 70300 AM I Poverty Defined Gross National Income GNI per capita Total economic output of a country divided by the total population o Low income 1005 or less o Lower middle10063975 o Upper middle397512275 o High income12276o Development assistant makes 1175Canada per capita income 41950US 47240Chile 9950Hong Kong 32780Bolivia 1180Ethiopia 390 Purchasing Power Parity PPP o Purchasing price of the same basket of goods in different countries Human Development Index HDI o Includes health life expectancy educational attainment average years of schooling economic standard of living GNI per capita 0low level 1high level of human development Dimensions of Poverty o Extreme Poverty those whose income is than 1 a day o Chronic Poverty Poverty that persists for many years or a lifetime and that may be transmitted across generations eg hereditary Limitation o Conceptualize the poor as a single homogenous group whose main problem is low monetary incomeThink about o Why people are poor o How poverty differs across groups and societies o Which policies are most effective for each of these groupsII Inequality Defined
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