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Week 11

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Political Science
R Rice

Week 11 Lecture Notes 11292011 80100 AM Globalization and Resistance Efforts I Globalization Definedy Increasing Global Connectivity integration and interdependence in economic technological cultural political and environmental spheres Components of globalization a Economic interdependence increase in economic interaction among countries Self reliance Specializationb Environmental interdependence ecological degradation and the loss of biodiversity in one area of the globe c Cultural interdependence the spread of western values and lifestyles to all parts of the globe McWorld the argument that American popular culture and consumerism is taking over the world II Globalization and Development a Mainstream View Sees Globalization as the road to higher incomes for all and the end of poverty b Radical View Seesglobalization as an instrument for wealthy industrial countries to control and exploit poor countries c Alternative View Sees globalization as an uneven process generating winders and losers within countries rather than between countries Question Is globalization reducing poverty and inequalityPoverty perhaps small gains have been made at alleviating global poverty Inequality globalizations appears to be contributing to increasing inequality within and between countriesIII Resistance Efforts 1 Regulation the effort on the part of the developing countries to exploit the rules of the system in order to advance development goals a Use international mechanisms to force powerful countries to comply with the rules of free tradeb Seek greater representation within international financial institutions
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