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LECTURE 3: Revolution and Rebellion OUTLINE: I. The Revolutionary Option II. Case Study: Cuba III. Revolutionary Decline? IV. The Rise of NSMs _______________________________________________________________________ _ I. The Revolutionary Option Revolution: the successful overthrow of ruling elite by insurgents that introduces sweeping changes to a country’s political, economic and social systems. Revolutionary Appeal = promise of rapid fundamental change, means of endinding colonial/economic dependency, Factors in a Successful Revolution 1. regmie in power muste lose legitimacy 2. wide-scale dissatsfactors with regime in power, including from portions of the middle class + business community 3. the military and political capabilities of the revolutionary movement must be relatively stronger 4. must have a committed group, a core group , willing to risk there livres FOCO THEORY: GROUPS OF small fast moving revlitionaries can prved a focus for popular discontent against a regime, upper-middle class Causes of Revolutions 1. Historical Forces = focuses on changes in the world economic order that make revolutions likely (class inequality) 2. Regime Decay: focus on the weaknesses of the outgoing political system + factors that cause the state to fall to revolutionary forces a) international pressures b) military defeat c) economic crisis d) severe corruption e) subservience to foreign powers 3. Challenge from Below = focus on the actual revolutionary participant + the factors that caused them to rebel a) Institutional Explanations = taking to the streets, revolutionars are more likely to occur in countries with weak or political institutions b) Economic Explanations = “misery breads revolutions are more likely to occut in poorer countries. c) Psychological Explanations = relatice deprivations , the greater the malidistribution 4. Revolution from Above = elite revolutions in which military officers or upper level bureaucrats overthrow the regime + institute, ranging socio-econom
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