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Lecture 3

lecture 3 notes (incomplete)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
R Rice

LECTURE 3Revolution and RebellionOUTLINEI The Revolutionary OptionII Case Study CubaIII Revolutionary DeclineIV The Rise of NSMsThe Revolutionary OptionWhat is a revolutionRevolution a nonlegal nondemocratic or violent overthrow of government that introduces sweeping changes to a countrys political economic and social systemsEarly political thinking especially Marxist revolutions are a third world phenomenonRevolutionary AppealPromise of rapid and fundamental change end of colonial rule economic dependency potential solution to poverty and inequalityFactors in a Successful Revolutionthe regime in power must lose legitimacyWide scale dissatisfaction within the regime in power including portions of the middle class and the business communityMilitary and political capabilities of the revolutionary movement must be relatively stronger than the regime in powerThere must be a core of firmly committed activists willing to risk their lives for the causefoco theory groups of small fast moving revolutionaries can provide a focus for popular discontentCauses of Revolutions1 Historical ForcesFocuses on changes in the world economic order that make the revolution likely legitimate contradictionsexploitation inherent capitalism2 Regime Decay
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