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Feb. 7th, 2012 - Lecture 5

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Political Science
R Rice

POLB91Democratization and DevelopmentFeb 7 2012IDemocracy DefinedIITransitions to DemocracyIIIDemocracy and DevelopmentIVDemocracy and Market ReformIDemocracy DefinedSocialSubstantive Democracy A democracy that not only offers fair elections and upholds basic civil and political liberties but also extends basic social and economic rightsLiberal Democracy A democracy that not only has free and fair elections but also respects civil liberties and upholds basic freedoms Criteria for Liberal Democracy Inclusive citizenship Rule of law Freedom of expression Free and fair elections Equality in voting Citizen control of the agenda Freedom of association Civilian control of territoryElectoral Democracy A democracy that holds relatively fair contested elections with new universal suffrage on a regular basisPrerequisites for DemocracyaSocial and Economic ModernizationThere is a correlation between economic development and democracy Rate of literacy Per capita income Free pressbClass Structure There is a correlation between the presence of a large and vibrant middle class and democracy Checks the arbitrary use of executive power Organizes pressure to disperse powercPolitical Culture There is a correlation between cultural norms and values relating to politics and democracy Toleration bargaining and compromise are two features that ensure a democracy will do wellIITransitions to DemocracyThird Wave of Democracy The widespread transition from authoritarian to democratic governance that has taken place in
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