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Political Science
R Rice

POLB91H3LAST LECTURE 432012 80500 AM Urbanization of Informal EconomyConsequences of Rabid UrbanizationGlobal North Many cities many small townsand major cities throughout the country Global South ONE MEGACITY everything focused on this megacity 10 of the 13 most overcrowded population is in the Global North Mexico city population is higher than Australia which is a country 30 million in ONE city Handelmans Housing is number one priority in the Global South Many in Cairo Egypt live even in cemetery tombsNo space or resources to build houses many live on doorways Moms and children sitting and hugging each other and sleeping beside the door Reality Lots of issues to deal with because of rapid urbanizationPOSITIVE CONSEQUENCES OF RAPID URBANIZATION 1 Reduces Pressure on landfragile ecosystems 2 Produces economies of scale easier for service provision much cheaper to provide services when everyone is living close together 3 Smaller family sizes people have fewer children in the citieswhether its for lack of spaces or increase jobs and educationMANY MORE NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES OF RAPID URBANIZATION 1 Sanitation and Hygiene Problems Most governments dont provide these services in terms of sewage garbage collection etc Garbage and sewage thrown about in Global south cities In the outskirts of the megacities there is no infrastructure no water no sewage nothing So people have to travel to get waterVery expensive People reuse water dishwasher laundry etc2 Leads to health outbreaks Spread of disease and health problems1990s Colera Reusing Water people live close together and there becomes a pandemicEcuador Worked with kids the kids are like we have no water how can we wash our hands they live in dry areas its not that they dont want to stay clean there is no water Very disturbing 3 Growth of ShontytownsUrban Sprawl
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