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Lecture 9


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Political Science
R Rice

LECTURE 9Religion Politics and DevelopmentI Social CleavagesII Development andReligious RevivalismIII Islamic FundamentalismIV Liberation TheologyV DebateI Social CleavagesSocial Cleavages full lines of democratic party system They are the sociopolitical divisions within a society around which political parties organizea Class cleavagessocial distinctions that reflect the division of society according to income and social position b Ethnic cleavagesparty systems with an ethnic cleavage structure tend to have numerous parties that represent particular ethnicities or languages c Religious cleavagesparties within these political systems are based on religious affiliationd Regional cleavagethe division of society along geographic or regional linesEcuadorhighland area domestic production protectionismCostal area exportoriented free tradeII Development and Religious RevivalismDevelopment theories are premised on the secularization of society removal of religion from politicsReligious revivalismreligion based on politics class structure parties pick them against each other to choose the development politics actions and ideas that have inspired from the religion beliefsModernizationduo process from traditional to industrial and from traditional to a secular lifeSaudi Arbiareligious based on law western countries see it as abuse on human rightsDemocracy does not always related development dictatorship might also relate to itThe Link between Development and Religious RevivalismDevelopment based on western nations of progress have threaten cultural identities and ways of life and lead to a religious backlashmodernizationaPoverty and inequality generated by mainstream development policies have pushed individuals to search for alternative answersbThe technological tools of modernization enable religious fundamentalists to preach to a wide audience1
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