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Lecture 10

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Political Science

Lecture 10Gender and Development IThe Status of WomenStereotypical image of women in the global south as victimsPatriarchy a social system in which authority is vested in the male head of the householdIndian Nobel Prize Winner Amartya Sen 1990 completed a study of gender ratio in Indian and found that more than 100 million are missing Subordination of Women the situation whereby men as a group have more social and economic power including power over womenStructures of Subordination Are all barriers to womens advancementoProperty relation right to own landoLegal system inheritance laws divorce lawsoDivision of labour types of joboPower structures within the household status ability to make decisionsoAccess to services educationhealth careTriple workload of women in the global south in addition to earning income and running the household women are required to supplement the social services that the government cannot or will not provide ex Tending to the ill women collect drinking water and collect firewood where there is no electricityThe Impact of SAPS on womenoIncreases their paid work to compensate for male unemployment and increased living costsoIncrease their unpaid labour to compensate for state cutbacks in public servicesoThey suffer disproportionately due to reduced public services increasing costs for educations leads to less enrolment of girls in schoolsInternational Labour Organization 1
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