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Lucan Way

LECTURE 4 International effects and Europe Review: Explaining Regimes International Effects Structural o Global Balance of power o Globalizationspread of communication Voluntarist o SnowballingDemonstration Effect Spread of global communication Cheap air travel (postwar) Fax machines 1970s1980s 1970s used to transmit photos around world International cable TV Internet, cell phones 1990s Gradual increase in ease of communication How is this structural? Not in control of one individual Focus on the fact that it isnt any single inventors invention, its a diffuse phenomena around the world with many creators More people involved, broader social process over many countries that suggest that the choice of one individual isnt going to start or stop it Impact of Global Communications Information into countries Harder for countries to suppress information about Western democracies o 2000s end of isolation Information out of countries Much harder to hide abuses Then: o 1930s Stalin successfully suppresses information about a man-made famine of 3 million o 1968 massacre of student protestors in Mexico City hidden started by police or armed protestors? Now: Information comes out in real time 1993 bombing of parliament in Russia Why is it so important? If its a smaller country you care more because you are more dependent on the international realm
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