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Political Science
Lucan Way

LECTURE 5 Communism and Solidarity in Eastern Europe Class stuff Midterm next week List of study terms online Main topics: Definitions of democracyauthoritarianism LevitskyWay Sources of democracyauthoritarianism Structural Oil Culture Voluntarist Leadership Fish article on Mongolia Institutional design Linz article International Snowballingdemonstration effect Spread of communicationglobal balance of power Communist EuropeTotalitarianism Demands active support of population as opposed to passive consent Attempt to control what people believe Constant mobilization The regime doesnt just care about active opposition, but wants to control what you actually think Seeks to control thoughts and beliefs and every aspect of your private life Very different from most contemporary authoritarian regimes No independent civil society Banning of any form of independent organization, even non- political chess clubs State control over economy No economic actors independent of state State controlled prices Wasnt a question of supply and demand Prices create supply and demand The state determined the prices which created all sorts of problems The state required you to work, the state would give you a job Upon graduation, the state would assign you a job Shortages
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