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Political Science
Lucan Way

LECTURE 7 Collapse of USSR and Rise of Russia Essay due March 19 o In trying to explain ethnic conflict in Bosnia in the early 1990s, some have argued that violence was the product of ancient hatreds andor religious traditions; while others have suggested it was more the product of manipulation by Milosevic and others. Which approach do you think works best and why? Essay In answering this question, you must refer to the following three texts: LeBor, Adam. 2004. Milosevic: A Biography. New Haven: Yale University Press (you are not required to read more than is assigned). Mueller, John. 2000. The Banality of Ethnic War. International Security, June 1, Vol. 25, Issue 1. New York Times Reading posted on Intranet. (to be posted) Paper outline o First paragraph (about half a page) should include the following: Restatement of main question. Summary of your central argument (i.e. which perspective you think best explains the Yugoslav conflict). o Part I (2-3 pages): Summary of argument (i.e. ancient hatreds or manipulationactions of leaders) that you think works less well to explain Yugoslav conflict. Description of the evidence that supports this argument. o Part II: (3-4 pages): Summary of argument you think better explains the Yugoslav conflict. Description of evidence that supports this argument. Discussion of why this evidence is more compelling than the evidence for the argument above. What weve learned so far about fall of Communism o Crisis of Communism in 1970s-1980s Increased shortages, cynicism, gap between east and West o Gorbachevs Perestroika Perestroika I: Focus on arms control; Cease international commitments: Afghanistan, EE o Fall of Communism in EE in 1989
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