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Political Science
Lucan Way

LECTURE 8 Russia and ethnic violence Competitive Authoritarianism under Boris Yeltsin 1991- 1999 Conflict between President and parliament Yeltsin decides to focus on economy not political reform o Leaves the old Soviet parliament that was created in 1990, in which you had unclear division of power between government and parliament o Yeltsin incredibly popular end of 1991 o Keeps old Soviet parliament o Keeps old constitution Unclear division of power between President and Parliament Potential for conflict rooted in constitution o Radical economic reform 1992 Prices suddenly deregulated Economic collapse Parl leader Khasbulatov vs. Yeltsin Conflict over economic policy Parliament taken over by radicals Khasbulatov changes constitution Khasbulatov seeks to impeach Yeltsin 1993 October crisis September 21 Decree 1400 Closed down parliament Vice President Rutskoy, Khasbulatov hole up in White House October 2-3 opposition storms TV station, mayors office Real civil war about to take place Bombing of parliament Imposition of super-presidential constitution Gave enormous powers to the presidentry 1994-1999 Competitive Authoritarian Rule Elections were competitive but highly unfair Continued Economic crisis 1996: Yeltsin beats Communist Gennady Zyuganov Media abuse during election nd o Hide Yeltsin heart attack before 2 round Serious fraud But dynamic independent media in between elections Vladimir Gusinsky and NTV
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