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Lucan Way

LECTURE 9 Ethnic Nationalism and Conflict What you learned last week Authoritarianism in Russia Read McFaul! End of the USSR Rise of Yeltsin Competitive Authoritarianism in Russia Sources of failed democracy in Russia o Institutional design (voluntarist) o Oil (structural) EthnicityNationalism Definitions of ethnicitynationalism Structural and voluntarist approaches to ethnicity and nationalism Todays lecture Review of ethnicitynationalism Competing views of ethnicitynationalism and the fall of the USSR Origins of the Yugoslav crisis Definitions Nation A named population sharing a historic territory, common myths, memories and culture Includes non-ethnic nations like the U.S. and Canada A basic definition would include that there is a lot of people willing to die for their country Nation-stateNationalism The idea that the nation and the state should be the same Nations state, the idea that common culture should be the same as the state o Where there is a lot of different cultures, but the nation- state includes all loyalties Nation demands primary loyalty o military; die for country Ethnicity Ethnicity A group of people with a shared myth of ancestry sharing a common culture and language A civic nationalism; something that anybody can adopt, you change and choose to be part of the Canadian nation Characteristics: o Exclusive belief that you are born into an ethnicity
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