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Political Science
Lucan Way

Lecture 2 Democracy Three sets of concepts 1. Dependent and independent variables 2. Structural versus voluntarist explanations 3. State, Regime, Government Dependent and Independent variable o Dependent variable What you are trying to explain the puzzle Any kind of outcome o The death of John Kennedy o Democracy o Revolution o Terrorism o Authoritarianism o Ethnic violence Ways of classifying different explanations: o Structural explanation: impossible for any individual to alter very predictable limited number of possible outcomes nothing random o Voluntarist explanation: depends on the action of a particular individual or random event unpredictable any outcome possible State o A set of permanent administrative, legal, bureaucratic and coercive systems that possess a monopoly over all legitimate forms of coercion in a given territory o Anything that any part of the government that is publically funded and more less permanent is what we call the state; it does not change The police The military Welfare office Regime o The set of rules by which political power is gained and allocated DemocracyElections Heredity
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