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Political Science
Lucan Way

LECTURE 3 Origins of Democracy and Dictatorship Review: Definitions of Democracy o Substantive Radical Focus on OUTCOMES! o Minimalist Multi-party elections o Procedural o Level Playing field Review: Procedural Definition of Democracy 1) Free and fair elections 2) Full adult suffrage everyone can vote 3) Elected governments must have the power to govern. 4) Broad protection of civil rightsincluding free speech, free press, and freedom to organize and protest 5) Level playing field Defining Competitive Authoritarianism o Hybrid regimes Combines elements of democracy o Elections viewed as the primary means of gaining power o Elected leader (rather than military, clergy etc.) has real power o Not a democracy: Civil liberties violations Electoral manipulation Uneven playing field o But not a fully authoritarian regime: Elections for executive remain competitive (if highly unfair) o Viable candidates allowed to run o Opposition given some (de facto or legal) possibility to openly campaignappear in large audience media o Overt vote stealing limited o Incumbents sweat on election night Explaining Regimes (International) o Cultural approaches Political outcomes the outgrowth of long-standing values Focus on values held by population as a whole Dont look at interests or economic structure, looks at religion (the values of the people) o Idea that democracy is founded in a particular set of values
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