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Political Science
Lucan Way

Causes of Nazi Rise to power  Weimar Germany was highly developed and had a strong civil society which was bad for democracy since it encouraged fragmentation. Nearly everyone was part of some sort off association.  Nazis had used existing institutions to further their support 1) Institutional Rules The institutional system at the time was very fragmented. The system of proportional representation was severe. This meant that forming a majority government was nearly impossible. This also caused a degree of instability. Presidentialism undermines democracy; president gets too much concentrated power. According to Article 48: wide powers to rule by decree if there is no legislative majority In addition, the lack of majority gives the president power to appoint Prime Minister 2) Polarization between COMMUNISTS and NATIONALISTS Both side were anti-democratic and ideologically opposed 3) Great Depression There was high rate of unemployment and economical imbalance such as high inbalance. At times like this non-democratic party supports increase; this is seen with the Nazis growth in support because of economic crisis. Milgram experiments o Explains obedience as a top down approace o He found people are willing to follow orders from an authority figure even if they did not o Experiment idea stemmed from understanding how Nazi gaurds were able to carry out acts of terror. o However critics argue that anti-sematic views were deeply entrenched in Nazi ideology so the act was not performed simply because they were order to by authority. The guards did not feel total hardship to carry out heinous acts. In addition, Germany being a strong civil society did not have any organizations within protest against such maltreatment. Rise of Nazis Franz von Papen  Former Chancellor who was replaced by Schleicher and wanted revenge. To remove Schleicher he encouraged President Hindenberg to appoint Hitler instead. He justified Hitler’s appointment would help Hidenberg control him. von Papen also exploited his sole asset: his hold over the president Paul von Hindenberg  He appointed Hitler as Chancellor even though he did not like Hitler. Hidenberg comes from aristocracy and saw Hitler as crude. He was also very old in age. weak and fatally susceptible to manipulation after dismiss Schleicher he had not actual solution to the crisis he created and instantly took Papen’s advice German Social Democratic Party o oldest political party of Germany. Public looked at the part as republican failure and during the hard economic times people voted out of spite to support Nazis. Reichstag fire 1933 Significance of event: Gave Hitler a reason to consolidate power. He was given emergency powers. In addition, during 1933 elections Hitler gained dictatorial powers. Nazi Storm troopers  cult violence o Thug like rather than military disciplinary o Ran street battles against Socialist and communist paramilitaries o Used infiltration tactics Article: Hitler’s thirty days to power –Democracy, contingency and responsibility By: Henry Ashby Turner o January 30, 1933  Hitler attained a large measure of power through his appointment as chancellor but this was short from his goal for absolute power. o A mysterious fire gutted the Reichstag building in late February which enabled him to take another step towards his goal o The fire was seen as a contrived pretext that the fire signaled a Communist uprising; Hitler used this as a catalyst to get the president to grant him emergency dec
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