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Political Science
Spyridon Kostivilis

Poli Sci and Modern Europe Lecture 7: Authoritarianism and Terror Midterm • 2-3 multiple choice • 4-5 short answer • Study sheet on blackboard! • If he gives you a structuralism argument, argue the voluntarism rebuttal as your answer. Answers will be found in the readings, so make a chart that analyze the readings of the course. Know the lectures too. Authoritarianism • Countries that are not democratic. • Democracy has free and fair elections, civil liberates, and universal adult suffrage. Authoritarian regimes are the opposite. o Hybrid/ Competitive: Countries that are both democratic, but also authoritarian in the fact that they may not have civil liberties. o Normal Authoritarianism: The opposite of democracy (Cuba). o Totalitarianism Explanations of Authoritarianism [Blue – Structural, Red – Voluntarist] • When discussing the Economic Development of Authoritarian countries, we see that wealthy countries tend to be more democratic. As the world urbanizes and becomes wealthier the number of democracy increases (Modernization). • Modernization  In order to become wealthy a country needs to industrialize. In order to industrialize they need to urbanize and be educated to give people work skills. The rural population is usually much more uneducated and harder to organize. Urbanization helps solve this problem. • Polarization affects democracy in many ways as it adds threats of violence and not rules. This turns living into a game of survival, so people are not focused on what they should be. • Institutional Design states that what is written in the constitution affects the political outcomes. Parliamentary regimes are therefore much more suitable to making a stable democracy. Parli
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