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Political Science
Spyridon Kostivilis

1. What are some similarities between the Russian and French Revolution • Centered on the economic state of the two states. Food shortages, conditions that are worsened, tax burdens, etc. Both countries were drained of resources from wars and funding wars. • They both had very charismatic leaders of the revolution. Both previous leaders were incompetent and made the population strongly dislike them. The two leaders were married to foreign women, which could be considered the enemy. The two leaders economically destroyed their country. • Russia had a communist Revolution, but the French had a bourgeois revolution, which is the main difference. 2. What was the New Economic Policy (NEP)? • Softened the economy. At first there was a lot of pressure to steal food from farmers. Fewer grains were stolen and more were traded with the introduction of the NEP. The main idea is the loosening of the states control over the economy, but the state was still communist. 3. Why did Lenin choose to conduct the New Economic Policy and did his decision reflect a fundamental lack of faith in the social system? • The decentralization of the mixed economy was put in (the bank was still controlled by the state), and i
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