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Lucan Way

POLB92 Revolutions Democracy and Authoritarianism in Modern EuropeNo tutorials next weekEXAM Multiple Choice 45Short Answers 34 small paragraphsOffice Hours MW371111 Reasons of Russian RevolutionMarxist Explanation Class Struggles failed to explain the communist revolution conflict between the working class and the bourgeoisMarx predicted that socialist revolutions will happen in countries with high levels of industrialization Even though Russia began to industrialize they were not established classesRole of peasants it was predominately a peasant society They played a huge role in the revolution Marxist theory didnt predict the peasants revoltAfter the revolution the workers were the ones who benefitted the most from it who could become part of the Bolsheviks partyThere was no deep tension between the classes Although it was the workers revolution it was not against the bourgeoisThe revolution was mostly against the Tsar and against the country and at the country side The workers were part of the new political regime of the Bolsheviks Skocpols explanation was more accurate in understanding the Russian Revolution Russia was trying to modernize The main international pressure wasThe role of the rebellion of the peasantry The Russian revolution was explained through 3 different aspects rebellion of the peasantry international pressures and societyeven though the peasants were involved in the revolution it was mainl
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