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Lecture 3

POLA90 Lecture Week 3 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Paul Kingston

About mid-term exam. All essay format. Two questions from framework. Somehow think about how political factors, global economic factors, and social-economic factors intertwine. Anthony MacGrew reading. Weaker states more prone to corruption. This week global arena. Global village examples? Borders unmediated by states – there’s a third party overseer, or a middle man who acts like a channel into a particular society. It used to be state mediated most things coming from outside. Now all kinds of communications are unmediated. State has less control to maintain monopoly over territory. This weakens the state’s ability to fulfill role. The political-economy of development framework. Never think of markets by themselves they are affected by the political frameworks and the structures of power. Political power and market relation – something to think about… Has the economic gap gotten better or worse? Neo Liberalism - Spread of global markets is a good thing Question. If you hold this theory as markets are spreading why of all sudden do you get resistance, corruption and violence. Why don’t market overcome these? Argument is tradition is too much of an obstacle and problems are found within these societies (values). What is the approach of Paul Collier? Neo-liberalism. Will be a question on Collier. How he situates himself and how the perspective is different. Radicalism (or dependency theory) - The spread of global markets is often a bad thing for countries in global south Markets pushed by politics to take advantage of Global South. Stats on aid: 50 billion aid but 65 billion lost. They can’t export so they lose. Disparities of power. Transformationalism - Difficult to have a clear unambiguous argument. Historical Globalization Try to carve own power. Mercantilism Charles Tilly (modern states) Growing strength or Europe (military, transportation etc.) all this resulted in European countries beginning to encroach on other economies. Dutch-East India Company. Goal was to capture the spice trade. How? Coercively by forcing treaties, conquest
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