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POLC54H3LECTURE 2the self government The provincial govt is there to represent the citizens The second purpose is to unite people in common government so they can achieve the shared rule The Canadian federal system is called the double federationNeeds federal government to give self rule to quebec to preserve self culture Canada is a territorial union and a federal union The important thing about a federal system is that when the restriction is signed to one govt to other the principle of federalism that govt has an autonomy that is independence within the area that has been signed The government needs agreement The final thing about federal principle is shard rule self rule the orders of government double federation autonomy and neither order of government should be subordinate to the otherThe combination of self rule and shared rule will create substation over time The facts that lead to the creation of federal system social cultural division territorial cleavageslocal loyalty territorial identity cultural identityo Because of defence purposes and one federation would do the things more affect ably such as transportation immigration oDecentralization means whatoCentralization means provincial government gain authorityDisallowancefeatures of federation Reservationthe power the government just to set aside a piece of provincial government and didnt sign it and it didnt become a law The power general government had over the provincial government Canada is one of the most decentralized federal system The provincial citizens has access to provincial financial institutions But when it comes to issuing currency only government has the right The federal government had the right to traded commerce Education is provincial responsibility stPariliamentary system 1 is that the second chamber which is the senate is an in effective vehicle for the representation of the provincial government The purpose to represent the constitute of the government The provinces are in very strong representation in its party
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