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Political Science

Lecture 3 y The constitution of Canaday A centralizing impact is ask the profy A decentralizing impact is to broaden the authority of the provinces y POGG as emergency factthe government cannot take the power because it is a temporary power it can only take the parliament for a limited of time for example during war crisis economic recession etcy The other interpretation is the national concern or the national dimensionpermanent power of the government of Canaday The provincial inability to actto control the provincial concernsy The second way to look at the impact of federal system wheather if they are good at managing the interprovincial problemsy The other way would be enforcing collaborating towards governmentthe supreme court of Canada requiring collaborating is that done to trade interpreting of trade sec 91 2 in the constitutional act In a situation where you move from one government to two governments it creates an intergovernmental collaborationo Interpersonal trade o Interprovincial tradetrade crosses provincial borderprovincial o International trade which is federal when a government deals with international trade Ottawa deals with it The government cannot take decisions without provincial governments opinions The government cannot force the provincials govern
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