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Lecture 4

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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

Classic Texts in Poli Sci Lecture Four: Building the City in Speech Recap • Glaucon and Adamantis are both Plato’s brothers. They are both brought into the conversation to answer the question – is injustice in human nature? Adamantis is more concerned with the health of society. • To solve the definition and understanding of justice, they decide to create a utopia city or a city that would focus on society’s most basic needs. Building the City • They decide to focus on the city with basic needs. They say that everyone specializes in something to contribute to the good of the city (blacksmith, farmer, shop owner, etc.), but where does justice fit into this? Was the creation of the city made just to fulfill human economic needs? • Glaucon says that human beings are not constituted by their physical needs, and they will want much more than they ha
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