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Political Science
Ryan Hurl

Classic Texts in Political Science: Lecture 5 Educating the Guardians • Spiritedness (Thymos) is the basis of courage. In order to make soldiers in this society, spirit must be educated to make them courageous. Courage is the capacity to overcome the fear of death. If people are not educated, negatives will be brought out with them (nature vs., nurture – Is human nature really good or does it need to be shaped by culture?). • Plato rejects that people are politically equal minded. In a sense there is a just claims rule to political power. Desire separates this. Moderation is when people manage to constrain their desire. • The problem with Achilles shows the true picture of spiritedness (386- 392). He is overcome by spiritedness and is very courageous. Plato says right after this that all good poets must be banished for a society to be just (392-398). This is because he does not think you should politicize art. Politicized art will have an uncomfortable effect on society. • Music and other education must be contro
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