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Political Science
Margaret Kohn

THE PATH FROM THE MEDIEVAL WORLD TO LIBERAL CAPITALISM Levellers meant to be an insulting term would erase all social hierarchies wanted to end monopoly New model army raised by parliament against charles I supporters of a particular lord more systematic for fighting victorious solders were not paid what they were promised The putney debates (1647) agitators engaged in a debate took place for three days in putney debates were written down and transcribed only elites would usually write this this was common people’s debate democracy should not be property qualification in order to vote in order to be a proper citizen, you must own property shows that you are independent physically connected the past of the country to the future gave you a stake in the country Diggers called themselves the true levellers actuallyl were levellers believed in true radicality you must have property but not private property communal ownership of land town called surrey had an experimental town were prosecuted for trespassing by the neighbourhoods around them LOCKES SOCIAL CONTRACT State of nature Why is it important? Encourage people to get rid of things that we take for granted in the present and see if they are necessary features of our collective life (498) ‘but though this be a state of liberty, yet it is not a state of license.’ License- ability to do whatever you want Even in the state of nature there is a law of nature Ordained by god Can be understood through reason Sees state of nature as a state of insecurity Threat of the state of war Why leave the nature of nature? To protect property To get a known and fair judge To get a power to enforce judgements (522) men sent to make one community or government (522) ‘whosoever therefore out of a state of nature unite into a community, must be understood to give up all the power, necessary to the end for which they unite into society, to the majority of the community…’ Locke has the concept of majority Locke doenst think there will be anarchy because people will give up as much liberty as they can to get security Social contract can be expreseed in different ways of commonwealth They have to be supported by the people They have to act on behalf of the public by the common good HOBBES VS LOCKE Hobbes Nasty, brutish, short Rational for individuals to limit their own libery and create a sovereign Prefers powerful, unifided monarchy, not accountable to people Locke Danger, insecurity Rational for individuals to limit liberty and create a commonwealth Prefers parliamentary form of government but insists on limited power KEY IDEA For locke, ther is natural law and there are natural tirhgts (to property, etc.) in the state of nature WHY DO WE NEED EXECUTIVE PREROGATIVE? Law is sometimes vague Needs to be applied with discretion Legislature is not in session or is slow to respond Inflexible application of law can have unintended negative consequences What happens if you answer the door and theres a murderer? Are you obliged to tell the truth? Sometimes you have to make an exception, sometimes you have to lie in order to ad
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