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Political Science
Margaret Kohn

POLB71 Jan 8Key Theme of the Course The paradox of the state How do you prevent the state from becoming despoticLimit government rule of law and individual rightsPopular sovereigntyBalance of powerStarting with Francisius de VictoriaHe theorized about the significance of the conquest of the AmericasModernity begins in 1492Why stat at the conquest of the AmericasBeginning of globalizationTurning point in the growth of European dominationSparks debates about cultural difference and dominationPOLB71 Jan 15Key TermsGlossary Enciomeda the system of granting Indians to Spanish settlers for forced labor Requiermiento Declaration informing the Indians hat they accept the authority of the Pope of the Spanish would wage war against them Thomism The philosophy of St Thomas Aquinas which synthesized ChristianPositive law Natural LawFranciscus de Victoria 14801546 Dominican monk Professor of theology in Spain Proponent of Thomisn the natural lae theories of Thomas Aquinas Political consultant asked by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V about the treatment of indigenous peoplesThe Debate over the Conquest of the Americas Conquistadores domination is necessary to Christianize the nativesopened up mines demanded 25 ducats from natives or there would be consequencesno independent separate state to ensure fair treatment of indigenous peoplesSpanish colonists did not have a legitimate title big issue to give awayBy what right could the Spanish steal land from the indigenous people and give it to settlers
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