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Lecture 01 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Stefan Dolgert

Lecture One Introduction Ideologies is the study of ideas (or how ideas come to be how they are) this is NOT the sense meant in the course Every ideology does four basic things: o Explanation why the world is the way it is and how things work (why what happened actually happened) o Evaluation Was it good or bad? o Orientation Provides a source of identity and community o Political Program Each ideology tells you how the world should be changed Every ideology todays views itself in the service of human freedom Triadic Model is a way of understanding freedom and what a person means by freedom: o The agent is not always the individual (it could be the institution); its the persongroup that you are trying to defend and help reach their goal o The goal is your freedom (or lack off) to do whatever you want (or not) o Obstacles are those that stop you (agent) from attaining the goal o Example: If youre a socialist: Agent The working class Obstacle The capitalist Goal Free the working class Just because you think youre free does not mean you are free Monarchy King
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