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Lecture 02 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Stefan Dolgert

Lecture Two Divine Rights of Kings King Charles I is the primary focus on King readings Did not acknowledge that the people had the right to submit him to a trial; did not acknowledge that they had any legitimate authority o Wears two shirts on day of trial. Why? Jan. 30 Its cold; if he shivered from the cold people would think he was afraid. o I must tell you that liberty and freedom consists in having government. It is not in their [the people] having a share in the government, that is nothing appertaining unto them. A subject and a sovereign and two different things. Everyone that is not the King is something completely different from being the King. o Its setting a precedent for later days (such as today) o Who has the power, the authority and legitimacy of having such control? Governments perform three functions: o Legislative Make laws o Executive Perform laws o Judiciary Interpret laws In the early stages o
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