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Lecture 11

Lecture 11 - Rousseau Social Contract II

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Political Science
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Stefan Dolgert

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Lecture 11 Rousseau (Social Contract II) Rousseau says you want citizens who will want and act for the greatercommon good rather than individual winloss Instead of being mad about losing a positiondesignation one wants (winning an election or being selected as a warrior) one will be happy that the state has found someone bettermore qualified FINAL Compare Rousseaus theoretical framework with the specific features that he notes of the Roman Republic (3 or 4 sections in the final book of the Social Contract). Some of the things he says seems to be with intention of what he says about this theoretical framework. Look at the examples he uses about the Roman Republic and see if they backup his ideas. Is there a contradiction? 1) Definitions i) StateSovereign ii) PrinceGovernment iii) DemocracyAristocracyMonarchy The State and the Sovereign are the whole of the people (they mean the same thing but from different perspectives) The Sovereign is when people are acting within their capabilities to enact legislation When they are passive, they are the State acting as subjects All people are both of these Also means that each person has to obey the laws that are being crafted The government is, very specifically, any part that does NO
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