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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 - Hume, Burke & Constant (Conservative & Liberal Reactions to Revolution)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Stefan Dolgert

Lecture 12 Hume, Burke, & Constant (Conservative & Liberal Reactions to Revolution) FINAL th On the 27 Continuing past Rousseau and the 1800s, there are two giant subjects not covered Women beginning to call for representation Starting from the 19 century this change in women movement began Structures and a form of patriarchy places a burden on a women (childcare, homecare, glass ceiling) Colonialism & Racism European expansion starting from the 1500s This has had reverberation to this day; West considered superior to other civilizations David Hume Scottish British philosopher Known as a philosophical skeptic He is concerned with contractarion thinking (Locke, Hobbes & Rousseau); considered radical thinking o Can be seen with Locke and the notion of contract between society and government o We will always be in threat of anarchy people will say they dont like whats going on in society and simply leaveform their own government o This is due to natural rights o This is a recipe for anarchy & disaster o There is no original contract that founds our government according to Hume
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