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Hume, Burke and Constant

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Stefan Dolgert

[Z- women call for representation N Women are not citizens N What does it actually mean for women to be equal? N Is it enough that they are given the right to vote or are there other structures of gender inequality o Modern theorists say that it is not enough to give women the right to vote ]LZ Z}K}] Z8}KL LL}}l7}KL}L[Z rights Colonialism and racism N The great colonial and imperialists projects-1500-1600 o British, French, Portuguese empires o Empires were justified under racial discrimination They were bringing civilization to a undeveloped world N Contemporary geopolitics Hume, Burke and Constant-Conservative thinkers David Hume N ScotishBritish philosopher N Original Contract- essay o Hume is concerned with the radical implications of contractarian theory thinking (Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau) o Locke argument for the necessity for society and government where the people can draw from unilaterally Hume fears this because he says this will lead to anarchy >} l[Z2KLZZZnatural rights precede government because it is natural for us. Government is there by consent so we can pull away and leave if they do not comply with our wishes- Hume states that this ideology of natural rights will lead to anarchy and collapse of the state N Known as a philosophical sceptic N J}L[}oo}ZoZ]Z]LZ} ] ZZoZ}Z2}LKL- we follow Z}L[Z already in place o Government came in a long time ago; most of them were formed through conquest and bloodshed Does not mean we withdraw support from government Change occurs in society in time but change occurs through evolution, not revolution
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