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Political Science
Stefan Dolgert

POLB71Lecture 12 April 5, 2011 FinalApril 27, 2011 Questions will be posted on Friday. Open book and one note test. Focused on class, property and representation. Also, religion and toleration Revolutions Now we are stopping at 1800s Two important subjects that were not covered: o Issue of gender Very end of this 1790, women beginning to call for representation Woman in Europe are politically silenced Woman can rule Woman are not citizens There are no writers who talk about this as well What does it actually mean for woman to be equal Many feminist scholars today say that just giving women a vote doesnt mean that they are equal o Issue of Colonialism or Racisim Havent talked about the great colonial and imperialist projects The way that Europe brought most of the globe under its sway: British, French, Spanish etc. The way colonialism and racial uncivilized people Racial hierarchy Contemporary geo-politics These are important things to think about after leaving this class These are things that are excluded David Hume Scottish and British philosopher The Original Contract Hes known as a skeptic Important: he is concerned with the radical implications of contractarian thinking Why? o We can seethis prominently with Locke o The necessity for the society and the governmentcontract that people can get out of it o We are in danger of anarchy o Because in Lockes theory people have natural rights apart from their government o People can say that they dont like whats going in this society because their natural rights isnt be respected as a result they can leave 1 P a g e
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