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Political Science
Renan Levine

Jan 9, 2014 Lecture 1 How do we assess what is a good way of arriving at judgement? Causal reasoning- why did this happen Natural outgrowth of what our minds do to make judgements based on trust and authority etc When can we make a valid conclusion about some political phenomenon? Selective observations:See what u wanna see, what facts are consistent and ignore the ones that are inconsistent Illogical reasoning: something doesn’t work out If conclusions are combination of any of these then u r most likely wrong, you could turn out to be correct by chance eg sheldon’s incorrect revelation in big bang theory which he got by an error Scientific explorations must confirm to what we observe. Eg if we thrown a ball in the air it will come down so we cant say that gravity doesn’t exist bcz there is something that brought that ball down. Goal- regularity- is there a class of events that seem to be consistent so that I can say I undertsnad this and extend it by saying it’s a pattern. Focus on WHAT IS RATHER THAN WHAT SHOULD BE?- what is going on in the world rather than what should be. TYPES OF RESEARCH 1-Theoretical- formal or informal res
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