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Political Science

th POLC88 – Lecture 3 on May 30 2011 Housekeeping: International Organization International Integration is a part of the security dilemma. Last week’s discussion on International Organization as an alternative to calming down nations with a security dilemma such as in Kuwait and Iraq case where diplomacy could have been used. States are actually coming together and making a sub-sovereign unit that acts separately than nations. Globalization: Not easy to define but we are mostly concerned with interconnectedness – international division of labor, specific resources endowments. Countries are trying to figure out how to put sovereignty aside and transfer these resources internationally, putting all other selfish ideas aside. Example given for networking in university – similar to globalization internationally Institutions of Globalization: International organizations, MNC’s, Information. Political Globalization: States are having a hard time protecting their sovereignty especially in the developing world. Example Nigeria has numerous NGOs and it cannot “protect” itself from it. EU countries give away their sovereignty. This is beneficial for them mostly. It used to be that political leaders could do anything they wanted but the recent cases of Moamar Gaddafi and Radovan Mladic show that international organizations are able to issue warrants, etc against such leaders. Economic Globalization: Outsourcing projects the ease that has been established within the global economy - Bringing costs down and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in the international sector. International banking, credit cards that are doing a lot that we don’t notice. High quality goods are available at a cheaper price. Investors are able to sell and get more jobs. Improvements brought about by globalization. Societal Globalization: People are more linked with common interests and ideas rather than national interests – e.g. meeting people online. Threatening family bonds with internet networking Anti-globalization movements - Anytime you hear of a G-8 summit you hear of protests. A special identity has been carved that brings them together against these institutions of globalization. This changes how states are behaving. International Integration: Fusing together, coming together – the world is moving towards that new integration. States are pushing their sovereignty up to a supranational institution. The ultimate is the merger into a single state or world government. What we are seeing now is some kind of federation (such as EU). Roadblocks – how about a state like Greece that has been bailed out at such a huge magnitude, where an institution is telling you exactly what to do – EU. So complete sovereignty reaches these roadblocks where states have been overpowered. It is a long process but it is somewhat underway in EU where countries are already enjoying the same currency and policy making. Mercusor – Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay. They are doing the same thing as EU has done. Purpose of International Integration: Possibly form a federation of states. The US is run where states are controlled by the Federal Government with state autonomy as well. The EU is attempting the same. Theory of Integration: Functionalism: Interrelated and integrated parts to form a complete whole. Division of labor – states have their own unique capabilities – In this case we are better off merging these capabilities so that the whole enjoys. If we have a supranational organization that takes care of all the coordination and organizational responsibilities, we will be better off rather than leaving them to work on their own. Neofunctionalism: Initially we were talking about functionalism, but we will be able to get even more when we setup political institutions to drive this
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