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Lecture 3

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Political Science
R Rice

Lecture 3 notesPOLC90H3Prof Rice January 22 2013 Modernization theoryDeveloped by US officials by during the cold wara refresher familiar to those who took POLB90I Assumptions II Prescriptions for Change III Contributions and Criticisms IV Institutionalist Explanations V Research Proposals I Assumptions 1 Underdevelopment is the result of some sort of deficiency on the part of a poor country eg lack of capital technology industry 2 Traditions values and ways of life are obstacles to modernization and ways of development eg values of reciprocity communal labor spirituality they hold back society not the characteristics of a modern society 3 Western societies serve as the yardstick in terms of modernization and development eg capitalism democracy industrialization and secularization 4 To become developed countries must pass through a series of progressive stages from tradition to modernity ega liner path blueprint on how to develop 5 stages to success Rostows 5 stages 1 Traditional society societys culture is prescientific and agriculturebased 2 The preconditions for the take off stage the equilibrium is challenged by science foreign powers or invasion via a colonizer 3 The take off occurs when a political power accrues to a group that regards economic growth as of key importance eg capitalist class 4 The drive to maturity the period in which countries become active in participating in international markets they become known exporting and manufacturing5 The age of high mass consumption the fruits of growth are finally transferred to the masses countries have wealth to transfer to other concerns pg 11 of his novelvolunteer simplicity II Prescriptions for changeReject traditional values in favor of western values Hypothesis countries with stronger traditions of democracy capitalism and secularism should experience greater economic growth and developmentFollow the course charted by the west
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