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Lecture 7 POLC90 February 26 2013 Prof. Rice Post development theory 1. Assumptions 2. Descriptions of Change 3. Contributions and criticisms 4. The Question of alternatives "The idea of development stands like a rain in the intellectual landscape" - W. Sachs 1992, development is a problem not a solution "That is no grounds for pessimism; much can grow on and out of a ruin. Past errors as well achievements contribute to current learning" - R. Chambers 1997, Critical theory: - oriented towards critiquing and changing society as a whole, rather than only trying to understand or explain it Characteristics: a) Reflexive, recognizes that western society is only 1 possible form b) Understand knowledge as power, development discourse, the language, is power over the south c) Decentering: it is from the point of view of those who have been marginalized d) Transdisiciplinary: cross over literature; cultural studies, women's studies e) Subversive: challenge accepted wisdom 1. Assumptions Post development theory Arturo Escobar (1995) "Encountering Development: The Making and Unmaking of the Third World" - That before outsiders came to Colombia, there was no poverty and no need for development, external norms and expectations created a view that the south needed help PDT suggests that "development" has helped discorporate large areas of the globe into a northern dominated, economic + political system, which has destroyed indigenous Cultures, threatened the environment, and created feelings of inferiorities among people in the global south 1) Development is a tool of western hegemony: - imposes western thinking and discourse about how the world should be, i.e. neocolonialism 2) Development is the problem,
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