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Political Science
R Rice

L1: History of development ideas -marshall plan 1947 - International effort to rebuild the war torn countries of Europe after WWII. - Global development emerged (world bank) - Economies boomed - North set goals on south - Modernization & dependency theory emerged. Time line of development ideas - 1950’s- modernization, progress, growth, urbanization, think world concept born, - 1st-advanced - 2nd- post communist - 3rd- all rest - 1960’s-1970’s- rural development & agriculture, underdevelopment, depen- dency, state-led growth & industrialization - Marxism influenced views. - 1980’s- debt crisis structural adjustment, neoliberal economy - Borrowed money- cant pay debt (latin america) - 1990’s- environment, gender, indigenous rights, grassroots, globalization, resistance, role of civil society, (bottom-up approach). “global-leverage”/ “global riots”. - 2000’s- post development, post colonialism, post washington concensus, post neoliberalism Questions for final: 1.Is development theory useful for development practice? 2.How has the history of development ideas evoled over time and where does each of the major theories fir in this timeline? L2: The rise and fall of D.S. I. The irrelevance of D.S. II. Practice vs. Research III. Diversity vs. Universality IV. The Future of D.S. 1.Frans. J. Shurrman - talks about paradigm shift in D.S. - 3 points - 1. Crisis- mainstream theories fail to account for the diversity of experience of third world countries. - Solution: focus on diversity rather than similarities - Counter- solution- understand differences among countries w/o losing sight of common problems and solutions - 2. The end of the belief in progress - Crisis (1990’s) progress as an destructive force linked to capitalism and con- sumerism - Solution calls for the poor to reject first world needs, priorities and prac- tices. - Counter- redefine what progress means (plus develop) to man the reduction of material want and the enhancement of people’s ability to live a life they consider go
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