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Political Science
Judith Teichman

POLC91October 25 2012 Lecture 7mid term next weekin the first hourincludes readings for up to this week and everything covered up to and including today 10 q on lectures and 10 qs on readings The US and Latin AmericaUS has historically intervened in the region in many caseshas militarily intervened on many occasions toothis goes back to the years of LA independencebecame interested in LA for 2 reasons business trade and investmentand the desire for territory US policy towards LAMonroe Doctrine1823 said 2 things 1 the Americas could not be colonized by any European power US didnt like British and French having colonies there 2 no outside power European had the right to impose its political system on any of the countries of the regionthis established the Americas as the preserve of LA what went on in Americas was just as impt as what was going on domestically in US Manifest destiny 1845 doctrine that expressed the belief that the US was destined by God to fill up the entire territory of the AmericasUS believed that if other countries of the Americas adopted American insts that would be to the benefit and prosperity of the country that did sowhite mans burden perspective their duty to civilize Mexican American war 184648to impose American insts and uplift Mexican masses US actually occupied Mexico citythe territories that the US took were those parts of the Mexican empire that were only sparsely occupied eg California but were not too keen on the densely populated area were more concerned with the land than with the Mexican people Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe doctrine 1904US has the right to intervene in any country of the Americas where they is danger of anarchy or wrong doingThe Era of Imperialism 18981934 1898 victory against the Spanish in Spanish American waras a result of this US acquires the Philippines Puerto Rico and Cuba as protectorate not quite like a colony but gives superior power control over domestic affairs18091902 occupation of Cuba annunciation of the Platt amendment which gave the US a naval base in Cuba and it gave the US the right to intervene in Cuban affairs to protect life liberty and property1
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