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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Judith Teichman

Lecture 3 notes – POLC91H3 Pre-colonial Latin America and Medieval Spain - To understand modern Latin American politics, you have to go way back - Coming together between natives and Spanish - Powerful african influence in Latin America, slave trade, sugar trade, particularly in brazil, and Venezuela The origins of pre-Columbian civilizations - Paleo- Indians arrive about 12,000 bc - 2500-500bc: major economic and social transformation, agriculture - Rise of complex forms of social and political organization o Central America, Mexico, and the Andes o Many different tribes 3 tribes - Maya o Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala - Inca o Ecuador, chile, Bolivia, peru - Aztecs o Central mexico Maya - 1 century bc, rose out of Guatemala lowlands - Maya civilization had already seriously declined by the time the Spanish arrived - We know less about them o 200-900 AD = rise o 1000 AD – declines o 1000-1200 AD resurgence o 1200-1400 AD declines - Known for knowledge of mathematics and astrology - Calendar better than Europeans - Connected by ruling city states - Believed to be ruled by a theocracy, religious leader ruled by virtue (rain god) - Writt
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