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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Judith Teichman

Lecture 4 notes Spain, the conquest, and colonial rule in Latin America 2 basic founding civilizations, pre-Columbian and Spain Medieval Spain - 7/11, Muslim conquest of Iberia (present day Spain and Portugal) - 732, recon quest begins - 1252, all but Granada liberated from the moors - Rule was benevolent, taxation policies - Ferdinand (Aragorn) and Isabella (castile) (Features of medieval Spain that impacted on Latin America - Unifying Spain, establishing order - Large warrior class/military values - Large land holdings in the hands of the few - Poor noble class - Religious fervor via - Inquisition – negative impact on the economy Why were they able to conquer such populations so quickly - Guns - Disease - Intermediaries - Extraction of wealth and export to Spain “obedezco pero no cumplo” - I obey but I do not comply - A resistance to obeying the law, for the upper classes - British/Spanish rivalry on the seas - British contraband trade with chile, argentina, Uruguay Economic change following the conquest - Profound form of economic reorganization
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