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Lecture 5

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Political Science
Judith Teichman

Independence and the struggle for Order and progress - Post independent period Independence from Spain - Creoles, American born vs Spanish born peninsulares - Sources of creole discontent: o Pennisulare control of trade o Control of local government o Ideas of French and American revolution Independence - Napoleon’s invasion of Spain - 1808; spainsh crown goes to napoleon - Simon bolivar - San de martin - Cree-yoyos The age of violence and caudillio rule (1820-1850/70) - Jose gaspar Rodriguez de francia (Paraguay) - Antonio lopez de santa anna (mexico) - Jose manuel de rosas (argentina) Sources of conflict - Liberals o Anti clerical o Federalist o Pro republic o Pro free trade - Conservative o Pro church o Centralized authority o Pro monarchy Other sources - Regional - Intellectuals vs masses - Landowners vs peasants Caudillismo - Arbitrary authority resting on presumed qualities - Not guided my rule of law - Not accountable - Exchange relationship The new political institutional arrangements - Republican - Presidential, modeled after US - Guaranteed by constitution - Heavy literacy and property qualifications on voting - Electoral fraud What conditions produced caudillismi? - Racial intermingling
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