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Political Science
Rebecca Kingston

Critical Feminism ( week 9) : Seeks to disrupt the power to name, represent, and theorize by challenging western feminism and development discourses arrogance and ethnocentrism and incorporate the voice of marginalized people. McEwan states that since the 1980s, black feminists in particular have explored the ways in which feminism is historically located in the dominant discourses of the west, a product of western cultural politics and therefore reflecting western understandings of sexual politics and gender relations. Western feminists have been criticized for universalizing their own particular perspectives as normative, essentializing women in south as tradition bound victims of timeless, patriarchal cultures, and reproducing the colonial discourses of mainstream, male stream scholarship. Assumption - Western feminism is a form of cultural imperialism - Gender oppression is linked to other form of oppression ( e.g. : multiple form of oppression) Prescription for change - Reject universal generalizations about women in favor of politically focused, local analysis. - Position the researcher in relationship to power CONTRIBUTION - MULTIPLE FORMS OF OPPRESION FACED BY WOMEN. - ALLOWS FOR COMPETING VOICES AMONG WOMEN - EMPHASIZES AGENCY OF WOMEN - TRAVELS WELL CRITICISM - SEEMS MORE CONCERNED WITH FEMINISM THAN DEVELOPMENT - CREATES DIVISIONS BETWEEN WOMEN AND UNDERMINES THE POTENTIAL FOR ALLIANCES. Questions that may come on the exam relating to Critical Feminism : - What the central contributions and criticism of critical feminism are for understanding under development? 2. Market Environmentalism ( week 10) : suggest that the free market property rights and the rule of law provide the best tools to preserve the health and sustainability of the environment. According to Mcmic
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